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> Vintage Computer Festival <> wrote:
> > I'd like to know who the offender is so we can shame them out of
> > existence. Probably the same guy who will be offering a TRS-80
> > documentation CD on eBay in the next couple weeks.
> I've always been somewhat partial to blocking entire ISPs due to the
> of their users. If I get more than three bandwidth-hogging attempts from a
> particular ISP, I block the whole ISP. A bit of a knee-jerk reaction, but
> it's sometimes necessary.
> A few years ago I released an IC logo identification tool. Someone
> my site (there was a ZIP file of the entire site on the front page, too
> *sigh*). Problem was, his mirroring software got caught in a loop. That
> little swine cost me my entire monthly bandwidth quota twice over and lost
> a webhost ("If your readers are going to use up all our bandwidth, pay us
> $BIGBUCKS a month for a dedicated server or leave").
> > This is really retarded.
> I agree.
> Later.
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I think an FTP linked from the website would be much easier to control
leechers. Maybe a note stating the contents can be purchased for a small fee
and mail them a DVD with the files (for people who really do want to mirror
your information).
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