more 11/45 schtuff

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 21:01:47 2005

I broke a component off the G110 board in my 11/45, it stuck out too far and
hit the ribbon cable paddleboard that joins the MF11-L backplane to the main
backplane. Yay.

I am trying to determine exactly what this part is... it broke in such a way
that it can't just be soldered back on (leads came out). Apparently this
happened before, or, DEC tried to reinforce the part as there was already
glue on each side to stiffen it up. The DEC marking was 16-05528, then RCL

Rather odd looking component. Rectangular box with 3 leads. I went looking
on Al's site for the schematics for the G110 and can't seem to find it. Am I
looking in the wrong section? Anyways... if someone can point me to info on
the G110 I'd appreciate it.


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