more 11/45 schtuff

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 21:05:27 2005

> I broke a component off the G110 board in my 11/45, it stuck out
> too far and
> hit the ribbon cable paddleboard that joins the MF11-L backplane
> to the main
> backplane. Yay.
> I am trying to determine exactly what this part is... it broke in
> such a way
> that it can't just be soldered back on (leads came out). Apparently this
> happened before, or, DEC tried to reinforce the part as there was already
> glue on each side to stiffen it up. The DEC marking was 16-05528,
> then RCL
> L-00-05.
> Rather odd looking component. Rectangular box with 3 leads. I
> went looking
> on Al's site for the schematics for the G110 and can't seem to
> find it. Am I
> looking in the wrong section? Anyways... if someone can point me
> to info on
> the G110 I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> Jay


I have schematics on the G110. I also have a few spare G110
boards if you need one or two. Contact me off list if you
want one.

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