DOS/Win3.X Text Editors - Q Edit 2.1

From: B.Degnan <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 20:26:29 2005

I *still* use Q Edit 2.1 by SemWare for every day text file manipulation
that can't be done in Excel or "notepad". I do not know if the company
SemWare is still around, but if so you can register the software if you
like it. I use it because it allows you to delete columns of text and
works in every version of DOS/Windows from about 3.3 on. I can use it to
parse text files as well. I have never used it with a mouse, I assume you
can. Let me know if you'd like a copy. 47K

>Most of my old stuff uses RS232 (ie Intel SBC, MicroModule, SC/MP,
homebuilt machines, etc) and I've found that Win98 Hyperterminal is pretty
poor and I found my old >486 running DOS7 with Win3.1 to be a much more
robust Hyperterminal.
>My xasm programs are all DOS based, so I can move them to the Win3.x
machine. I use the Context Text Editor (which I find to be very good), but
it's for Win9.x >systems. So, I am looking for a good programmers text
editor for Win3.1/DOS. I can dig up my old SPFPC disks and run that, but I
am wondering if anyone here knows >of a good, powerful, mouse-driven editor
that will run on Win3.x/DOS.
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