Building a universal keyboard adapter

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Date: Tue Feb 8 20:27:55 2005

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From: Eric J Korpela <>
Subject: Building a universal keyboard adapter

>...The bigger problems are matrix keyboards (which ususally
have undocumented connectors). I'm thinking about using a BASIC stamp
to do the actual conversion from AT scan codes to whatever matrix the
keyboard represents, but that would require external serial support
since its serial interface is 9600 bps async and can't handle the
10-16 kbps that would come from the keyboard. Anyone have any better
(or cheaper, I really like cheaper) ideas?
You might have a look at:
Don't know about cheaper, but I've used their products for many years
and am quite satified. Good support, nice people to deal with.

BTW, for those dealing with multiple RS-232 terminals and ports, I've
got a Digital Products NetCommander available. It's a 16port RS-232
switch/router/matrix, whatever; one port to several (terminal to ports),
several ports to one (data collection from several sources) etc. 256K
buffer, baud rate conversion, hardware/XONXOFF H/S conversion, routing
ad hoc or according to programmed table, etc.

Docs available.

e-mail off list if interested.



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