Off-topic, but interesting (Fiorina fired)

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 12:47:42 2005

Computer Collector Newsletter may have said:
> At the risk of starting a long and off-topic thread... anyone have thoughts of
> substance (not just "she stunk") re: HP firing Carly Fiorina today?

She did nothing the board didn't want her to do. If they hadn't
found her, they would have found someone else to manage the
downward spiral (from our perspective). Doing business in a first
class way is simply not popular in this day and age.

However I reserve more spleen and bile for Robert Palmer and what
he did to DEC. In my admittedly ill-informed view he did nothing
that any M&A bandit from the 80's wouldn't have done. My objection
is that he never tried to turn DEC around, he (seemed to) come in
with the predetermined goal of cashing everybody out somehow. And
DEC and the market were in too good a shape for that to be the
first order of business.

Sigh. I'm sorry, this is just more flamebait for the fire. But
I've got too many neat/naft bits of DEC hardware around here not
to be irritated that they're forever gone.

Just another curmudgeon, flapping his gums...
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