Ira Goldklang:

From: tim lindner <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 12:48:56 2005

I sent a link to Ira with all of the replies to my orginal message. He
asked me to post his response:


Thank you so much for all your suggestions, concerns and offers.

First, I have contacted the individual who offered space, and I am
grateful for the offer.

Second, I have always issued DVD's of the 'paper downloads' to those who
asked. I used to offer them on the front page of the web site, but I
just checked and the offer is no longer there. I am not sure why I took
it down... hmmm.

Third, I am CGI/Perl ignorant and am hosted thru Earthlink, which does
not utilize such things as apache. However, someone has really stepped
up to the plate, and is writing a host of the customized scripts I need.
It is intended they will retain my random allocation among host
functions, and my prevention of downloads based on the referrer string.
However, the new scripts will also maintain a log of downloaders, cap to
1 simultaneous download at a time, and probably bandwidth cap the
download per day. I know a simple reboot on dynamic IP's would thwart
it, but forcing a reboot for every 5th file should present enough of an
obstacle. It isn't Gnu Warez, after all, its just some 20 year old and
older (but NEVER newer) manuals for gosh's sake.

Fourth, Taunchy, a TOSEC ( member, has just flooded all
the books and manuals on Alt.Binaries.Emulators.Misc. It is my hope
that people will leech the heck out of that while its there. I
announced it on my site. I didn't put Taunchy up to it, and did not
know he was doing it, but I am certainly glad he did.

So thank you all so much for your kind words and thanks to Tim for
posting on this list. The helpful suggestions, and the hosting offer,
would never have sufaced on the list without his action.


tim lindner                                        Bright
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