Off-topic, but interesting (Fiorina fired)

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 14:09:24 2005

>At the risk of starting a long and off-topic thread... anyone have
>thoughts of substance (not just "she stunk") re: HP firing
>Carly Fiorina today?

Not many, apart from 'woohoo!' and a couple of high fives :)
I still think that the whole hp/Q thing was nothing apart from a ruse to
bolster her own personal fortune. Hopefully they'll get someone in to run
the place who's more of an old-skool HP 'engineer' rather than a current
flavour HP 'hey, we've got all this great technology now! Let's bin it'
idiot. I wonder who's idea it was to junk all of the good stuff in Tru64
u**x and jump into bed with symantec nee veritas instead, for example....


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