Troubleshooting RX02

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 14:14:48 2005

Sellam writes about RT11 running on a PDP-11/23:
> But being how easy it is to program the hardware, I can see myself
> developing some custom tools (unless they already exist) to be able to do
> some stuff that I want, like slurping an entire disk and dumping it to the
> serial port block by block so you can re-create a disk image on a PC and
> then read the files from that using PC-based tools. Does anything like
> this already exist?

I normally use a ZIP drive attached to a SCSI controller, and use PIP
to copy an entire disk into a file on the ZIP disk. Then the ZIP
cartridge can be read on a PC.

However, Qbus and Unibus SCSI cards tend to be expensive.

I'm not sure if Kermit is able to transfer an entire disk image.
Certainly if you can use PIP to copy the disk into an image file
(on a larger medium), you could Kermit that file.

If all else fails, I'd be willing to help you write a program to do
it. A few years ago I started writing one to dump RK05 cartridges
out the serial port, but the need for it evaporated before I finished

I've found that PDP-11 software development is much easier using
John Wilson's E11 simulator (free demo available) or Bob Supnik's
SIMH, rather than on a real PDP-11.

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