Ira Goldklang:

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 15:06:15 2005

And thusly Jules Richardson spake:
> I should go look this up, but does bittorrent involve downloading and
> installing some dodgy client software that's full of spyware, means you
> have to open all sorts of ports through the firewall, lets others see
> the contents of your hard drives etc. etc. ?
> Presumably not as it seems to be adopted by intelligent people (rather
> than the warez brigade)... maybe I'm just getting old and all this new-
> fangled technology scares me :-)

There are open-source clients - One I use that works really well is
Azureus, available at

The range of ports you need to open up are 6881 - 6889, TCP. Or if you
have a router, have these ports forwarded to the computer running the
BitTorrent client.


Bryan Pope
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