Ira Goldklang:

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 14:36:14 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 19:46 +0000, Antonio Carlini wrote:
> > Fourth, Taunchy, a TOSEC ( member, has just flooded all
> > the books and manuals on Alt.Binaries.Emulators.Misc. It is my hope
> Speaking of which, what about using bittorrent as a distribution
> medium. Offer torrent links instead? Then the mirror sites can
> all join in automagically.
> At least that's how I thought it could work.

I should go look this up, but does bittorrent involve downloading and
installing some dodgy client software that's full of spyware, means you
have to open all sorts of ports through the firewall, lets others see
the contents of your hard drives etc. etc. ?

Presumably not as it seems to be adopted by intelligent people (rather
than the warez brigade)... maybe I'm just getting old and all this new-
fangled technology scares me :-)


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