cctech Digest, Vol 18, Issue 7 -- DOS/Win3.X Text Editors

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 19:22:28 2005

On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Barry Watzman wrote:

> I always liked the old MicroPro "Word-Master" editor, the text editing
> precursor of Word-Star. It has CP/M's "ED" text mode plus a full screen
> video mode. It was never offered for DOS, however, as far as I know.
> So decades ago (1980's) I disassembled the 8080 version, converted the
> source code to 8086 code, changed the OS from CP/M to MS-DOS and I've used
> it ever since.

Good hack! :-) "Later" MSDOSs depracated (umm, yanked) internal
support for some of the old 86dos-ish/cpm-ish kludges, like
implicitly closing files or whatever they were. Unless it's a bug,
shouldn't be hard to fix.

Maybe translate it to C? :-)
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