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Date: Wed Feb 9 19:46:53 2005

On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:

> >>>>> Their willingness to sneak in the "anti-counterfeit" (sic) crap into
> their products is reason enough to dislike them
> Oh please. David Packard was the deputy Secretary of Defense for the Nixon
> administration. Do you really think he wouldn't have agreed with
> anti-counterfeiting technology, had it been around back then?
> So just because Hewlett and Packard were nerds like us doesn't
> automatically mean they were also paranoid anti-big-government leftists.
> Without defense contracts, they wouldn't have sold any oscilloscopes in
> the first place.

It's a matter of principle. Making printers that print hidden water marks
on your page steps on that principle.

> I'm not denying that HP isn't the company it used to be, both in culture
> and in quality of products. But I say "The HP Way" didn't die -- it just
> never existed. The founders were just as good at marketing as, say,
> Steve Jobs is today. They simply hid it better.

Evan, get your favorite hot sauce ready so you can dash some on your foot

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