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Date: Wed Feb 9 19:34:27 2005

>>>>> Their willingness to sneak in the "anti-counterfeit" (sic) crap into
their products is reason enough to dislike them

Oh please. David Packard was the deputy Secretary of Defense for the Nixon
administration. Do you really think he wouldn't have agreed with
anti-counterfeiting technology, had it been around back then?

So just because Hewlett and Packard were nerds like us doesn't automatically
mean they were also paranoid anti-big-government leftists. Without defense
contracts, they wouldn't have sold any oscilloscopes in the first place.

I'm not denying that HP isn't the company it used to be, both in culture and in
quality of products. But I say "The HP Way" didn't die -- it just never
existed. The founders were just as good at marketing as, say, Steve Jobs is
today. They simply hid it better.

--- Tom Jennings <> wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Eric Smith wrote:
> > I'd suggest throwing a big party, but I doubt the board will do any
> > better with their next pick.
> Yeah, I totally agree. And I don't get what all the
> feather-fluffing in here is about. "HP" today is only "HP"
> as-we-know it in name only. It's yet another spectacular
> monstrosity, a bloated tech company ruinating the world. BFD I
> say.
> Their willingness to sneak in the "anti-counterfeit" (sic) crap
> into their products is reason enough to dislike them. Toadies.
> Nothing lasts forever.

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