Basement clean-out...

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 08:06:33 2005

        It's time for me to clean out some items from my computer room. These
are the bigger items, more stuff to come as I dig them out...

IBM 9331 disk rack. 6' tall, _heavy_, access door on back, filler plates
for about 1/2 of the front.

Digital VT420 terminal, with books

Digital VT510 terminal, with books (or is it a 520?)

Digital DEC 3000/400, with keyboard, 2 mice, and 19" color monitor
--- includes CD for Digital Unix v.5, and other software CDs

Digital Prioris HX 5100 MP/2, 2 power supplies
--- upgraded to dual P150 CPUs, also have a complete boardset for
another 5100 MP/4 (quad P100 CPUs)

2 Cabletron rackmount 12 port 10baseT hubs. Books, 2 management console
cables (RJ45-MMJ), RJ45 patch panel, connecting cables included

small box of DB9-RJ45 & DB25-RJ45 connectors, some wired, some unused,
and some taken apart.

---   Dave Woyciesjes
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