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Date: Thu Feb 10 14:03:25 2005

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> All three of the HDs in my previous and current laptops, a Toshiba
> 420CDT, an IBM Thinkpad A21m, and this Dell Latitude - have exhibited a
> sporadic 'snapping' behavior that is quite energetic (and alarming!).
> There is some combination of Windows launched programs that results in,
> occasionally, a small amount of disk activity and then a very loud snap,
> or bang, that can sometimes be felt in the desk the machine is sitting on.

Sounds like a thermal recalibration cycle. Usually the drive seeks all the
way to the inside of the disk platter, then reads a few (seemingly random)
sectors and seeks all the way back out again, often hitting the plastic
(maybe synthetic rubber, depends on the drive manufacturer) endstop in the
process. The ka-thunk is probably the actuator servo hitting the endstop.
As long as the manufacturer's HDD diagnostic tool says the drive's OK, I
wouldn't worry about it.

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