PC software &c available in Irvine, CA

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Thu Feb 10 14:04:32 2005

At UCI (Univ. Calif., Irvine) Surplus on Jamboree road, just W. of
Campus Dr., larry's got a small amount of semi-interesting peecee
software and such:

Interface card, manual, driver diskettes, etc for an HP Scanjet
(the one with the special parallel card).

IBM PC Tech Ref, immaculate cellophane just popped never opened.
Bunch of similar era softare and manuals in those IBM PC type

100 or so 40DIP sockets in foam. random potcores. random 10W
ceramic resistors. Lots of old probably-workign apple

Probably get the whole lot o software for $5. Go 'n' git. I'm full
up, cannot play mailman.

Open Tues and Thursday, 9a - 1p, and 2p - 5p, only. Cash only.
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