Goodbye Yahoo! Maps...

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 14:48:53 2005

>but then started giving me problems cause my
>SSN card and green card only have my first and last name but all my other
>ID has my middle initial... He wanted some other ID that had my middle
>initial. This guy finally went to a supervisor to make sure all of my
>identification wask OK. (Which it was!!!!)

Oh, jut wait until you have to pass the new NJ background check or
whatever it is they are doing these days to get or renew your license.
You need a dozen forms of ID, a urine sample, blood sample, and 3 people
that can pick you out in a line up... or so it seems.

All this to stop the flow of fake licenses that NJ was issuing... only no
one in the DMV seemed to realize that the entire fake license scheme was
being done inside the DMV by DMV employees... the very same people that
have to OK all these forms of ID... humm... so to stop the problem,
rather than fix in-house security where the problem lies... they just
make it so hard to get a license that any legit person will move to
another state, so anyone that still comes in to get a license MUST be
after a fake one.

I swear they modeled their new ID system after those old Visa Check Card
commercials where they sent Kevin Bacon out running to find 6 people that
knew him.


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