Goodbye Yahoo! Maps...

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 14:28:45 2005

And thusly chris spake:
> (That one wasted a day of my time trying to locate them... I wonder if
> they ever fixed the web site... I must have complained to 20 different
> people about it... alas, this is the NJ DMV, their goal is to generate as
> many angry customers as possible).

Wonderful... I just started dealing with them to get my license changed to
a NJ one, then I have to get my car registered... yay..

On the MA license, your last name is first in green capital latters on its
own line, then you first name then the next line has your address... The
person entering my name put it as "Bryan R Charles" where "Charles" is the
name of a street I used to live on.. *sigh* Then when I pointed it out,
they worked to change it, but then started giving me problems cause my
SSN card and green card only have my first and last name but all my other
ID has my middle initial... He wanted some other ID that had my middle
initial. This guy finally went to a supervisor to make sure all of my
identification wask OK. (Which it was!!!!)


Bryan Pope
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