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From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Thu Feb 10 17:47:18 2005

Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:

>>>>>Most of "The Media" does not exist to inform, enlighten, or educate. It
> exists to sell products.
> Bill: get real. That's an incredibly immature and uninformed generalization.
> As a real reporter, I find your comemnt very, very offensive. As I've tried
> explaining on this list before, the vast majority of we real reporters are
> perfectly honorable, well-intended, upstanding citizens. But like in ANY
> field, there are always few unethical idiots (i.e., Fox News) who, ironically,
> get the most attention.


   As a real consumer, I could lump almost any major presentater of
current events in with Fox News. The only real difference is the
direction in which they slant their sludge.

   Bill wasn't whacking at you, or at reporters. He said "The Media".
Unfortunately, reporters are NOT "The Media" and most reporters don't
have a lot of influence over what gets reported or how it's presented.

   Newspapers, *zines, TV stations, etc are The Media. And they all
exist to make money, which they do by not pissing off their advertisers,
i.e. by selling product. Granted, in the case of stations like CNN,
their advertisers are the government and the product they sell is
complacency, but the theory still holds.

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