Ironic after my flame... TV alert...

From: Computer Collector Newsletter <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 18:10:26 2005


Speaking of the media... today I was interviewed by BusinessWeek TV (the
broadcast arm of BusinessWeek magazine) at their studio in the American Stock
Exchange. They're doing a story on computer collecting, inspired by the
Christie's auction happening later this month. Anyway, the show's schedule is
listed here:

Here in the metro New York City region, it is on Sunday at 10:30AM, on ABC.

The interview is about five minutes long. They asked me to explain our hobby
to sellers; that is, BW readers who might have an old computer laying around.
I tried to convey three points: 1., the difference between "vintage" and just
"used"; 2., online resources for people to learn what computers are worth; and
3., some examples.

I'm happy to get on TV, but absolutely giddy that they're recognizing our

By now a few of you probably think I'm an a-hole. Sorry! (That's the last
thing I will say about that...)


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