PDP-1 (was Re: OT and getting further OT...)

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Date: Fri Feb 11 21:01:34 2005

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, Adrian Graham wrote:

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> > It would be great if someone could shoot some video of it
> > running space war... I'd love to see that and I'll bet
> > others would too.
> I'll join in on that 'me too' thing. I've got spacewar running in a java
> environment that someone posted here a few months ago, but to see it running
> on a real machine would be fantastic....

The SIMH version is way better (most accurately mimicks the original,
including the phosphor persistence, whereas the Java version just sucks).

Let me know if you want and I can zip up the package to send to you. Uses
heavily modded PDP-1 SIMH code that is (I don't think) implemented in the
"standard" codebase yet.

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