HP2648 heartbreak

From: Loboyko Steve <sloboyko_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Feb 11 22:34:04 2005

Jay, sorry to hear that this happened. When I had my
2644A shipped, the guy who shipped it did as good or
better of a job than I would have done, with price as
no object - but the CRT still broke loose from its
mountings, pulling out several inserts and I don't
think that the box was mishandled.

If what happened to you would have happened to me, my
first reaction would be to ****can the entire thing
and get it out of my sight. But I would definitely
(after whatever settlement can be made of this) glean
what I could from it - the CRT may still be good, tape
drives, etc - the power supply, which is a piece of
art and actually uses a crystal - a crystal, for
goodness sakes, in a power supply - who knows what
will show up on eBay next. Even the RS-232 cabling is

I do recall seeing a loose keyboard for these units a
year or so ago on eBay, and I'm fairly certain that
members of this family have significant commonality of

The type of material (some kind of expanded foam) used
in the 70's is certainly not very strong. The ADM-3A's
I have seem to be made of the same material and as it
is I had to refit the inserts for closing the
clamshells. But the ADM-3's are much lighter. Maybe
the ONLY way to ship things safely that are made from
this material and with no original packaging would be
foam-in-place. Maybe even choking on the cost and
having it skidded.

-Steve Loboyko

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