HP2648 heartbreak

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Date: Fri Feb 11 23:09:07 2005

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005, Loboyko Steve wrote:

> Jay, sorry to hear that this happened. When I had my
> 2644A shipped, the guy who shipped it did as good or
> better of a job than I would have done, with price as
> no object - but the CRT still broke loose from its
> mountings, pulling out several inserts and I don't
> think that the box was mishandled.

What? The only way this could have happened is if the box was mishandled.
CRTs just don't come loose from their mountings from normal handling. If
they did then half the CRTs shipped would be DOA.

> The type of material (some kind of expanded foam) used
> in the 70's is certainly not very strong. The ADM-3A's
> I have seem to be made of the same material and as it
> is I had to refit the inserts for closing the
> clamshells. But the ADM-3's are much lighter. Maybe
> the ONLY way to ship things safely that are made from
> this material and with no original packaging would be
> foam-in-place. Maybe even choking on the cost and
> having it skidded.

That's really not necessary. If packed well, to the point where the item
cannot move within the box (double boxing is 100% better yet) then it
should* survive any shipping.

* unless somehow goes out of their way, like dropping it off a 10 foot
dock or some such nonsense.

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