classiccmp server event

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 22:57:43 2005

The classiccmp Hard drive opened up a subspace channel to v'ger tonight.
What fun. Had to power it off for a while to get it to come back. Sooner or
later it won't come back.

The new drives and controller are in my MIDI machine down at the datacenter.
I'm ready to move them to the original server any time, but when I tried
that it appears that the server motherboard doesn't like that controller at

Anyone have a motherboard to donate to the server use? Needs to fit in a 1U
cabinet... support celeron cpu... and have PCI slots in the right place with
a riser card. *sigh* The old motherboard works fine, it just doesn't like
the new raid controller. I could trade the classiccmp board, it's an ASUS

Oh, and by the way... I finally DID locate the classiccmp archives on the
server from 03/1997 through the present. They were located in a directory
called.... uh... *blush* "backup". However, all who offered portions of the
archives, please still ship them off to me as I would like to take some real
time to doublecheck everything so your copies would be a help.

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