classiccmp server event

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Feb 12 14:09:04 2005

Jay West wrote:

> The classiccmp Hard drive opened up a subspace channel to v'ger tonight.
> What fun. Had to power it off for a while to get it to come back. Sooner
> or later it won't come back.
> The new drives and controller are in my MIDI machine down at the
> datacenter. I'm ready to move them to the original server any time, but
> when I tried that it appears that the server motherboard doesn't like
> that controller at all.
> Anyone have a motherboard to donate to the server use? Needs to fit in a
> 1U cabinet... support celeron cpu... and have PCI slots in the right
> place with a riser card. *sigh* The old motherboard works fine, it just
> doesn't like the new raid controller. I could trade the classiccmp
> board, it's an ASUS TUSI-M.

   Have you checked on a BIOS update for your board? The Asus boards
I've worked with have very rarely exhibited compatibility problems.

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