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From: vrs <vrs_at_msn.com>
Date: Sat Feb 12 04:43:07 2005

From: "Jim Battle" <frustum_at_pacbell.net>
> Eric Smith wrote:
> > Agreeing with another bidder that I will let them have the item as
> > I don't want it as much as they do isn't "maniuplating the price"
> > any more than just the act of bidding is. The bids that are placed
> > are still perfectly legitimate bids, and the price is determined
> > accordingly.
> In a large marketplace with vigorous bidding then I'd agree with you.
> If there were 100 bidders on an item and two of them talked to each
> other and agreed that one would't bid, then no harm done most likely.
> That is why I don't like these analogies in this thread about buying
> Fords. It is a huge market with a huge number of buyers.

I think this strikes at the heart of the thing. It is the fact that you are
making an inefficient market even less efficient that makes it an issue.

The Ford of the example was in no way the Ford of the real world. It was
postulated that there were 3 vehicles and 4 buyers, total. (Which I feel is
about right, if we are modeling the classic computer field :-).)

> > And if I choose not to bid on an item, I have not manipulated the
> > price ofthat item. I don't want any Brittney Spears CDs, so I don't
> > bid on them. I haven't manipulated the price of those.
> Of course, but that isn't the situation that started this thread. if
> one person with the intent to buy something is afraid he is getting in a
> bidding war with another bidder and makes side communication to affect
> the end price, that seems unfair to me.

I think this is key. We are not talking about whether you have a right not
to bid. Of course you do.

What we're talking about is whether (and when) it is right to talk with
other buyers about your bids. (Note that this is subtly different than
whether you have a right to talk to the other bidders.)

And whether you have waived your right to do so, in certain circumstances,
by agreeing to the eBay user agreement.

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