eBay vrs42?

From: vrs <vrs_at_msn.com>
Date: Sat Feb 12 06:04:50 2005

> It was written...
> > "5.5 Manipulation. Neither you, bidders nor sellers may manipulate the
> > price
> > of any item nor may you interfere with other user's listings or
> > transactions."
> I read that an entirely different way than you do. I don't believe, even
> after reading the above carefully, that it is against ebay rules to "go in
> with another person" to bid and purchase an item.

I agree, depending on the circumstances. FWIW, here's my interpretation of

1) I am not required to take actions to improve eBay (or seller's) revenues.
That is, they can't make me bid.

2) I am not allowed to take actions which could deprive eBay (or sellers) of
revenues from others.

So, agreeing beforehand to go in with someone is OK. Deciding whether to
bid or not, based on publicly available data, is OK. This falls under (1)

Asking another user not to bid is not OK. This falls under (2) above.

Behavior similar to "going in together" that happens after bids are placed
may be OK or not OK, depending on what exactly happens. (Generally, I would
consider this a risky gray area.)

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