Ebay Packing Jobs

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Sat Feb 12 08:44:16 2005

>My favorite ebay packing job was a 5.25" disk drive I received, packaged in
>twigs. Yes, a box, a pile of twigs surrounding a plastic apple 5.25" drive.

Holy crap, that must have been the same looney that I got a Stylewriter

I bought an Apple IIgs keyboard off the Low End Mac Swap List, and the
guy that sold it to me had just taken it off eBay because it didn't sell
there. In my conversations with him, he offered an Stylerwriter 1 to me
for free (just cover the additional cost of shipping).

When the stuff arrived, the keyboard was in a plastic bag, then packed in
peanuts and in a box. Then in a 2nd box, there was the Stylewriter, just
tossed in along with a pile of broken up twigs, leaves, and cigarette
butts. It looked like he just grabbed handfuls of the mulch from under
his front bushes.

It took the guy 3 weeks to ship the stuff to me after paying him, so I
chalked it up to he under estimated the shipping costs on the stylewriter
and decided to save money by not packing it properly. I didn't bother
complaining to him because I got the impression from our emails he was a
bit off his rocker. He seemed like a very angry fellow.

Amazingly, the Stylewriter made it thru shipping intact and functional,
albeit VERY dirty.

I think I still have the guy's email address, I don't want to post it
publically in case I'm wrong on which one it is... but I'll send it to
you offlist if you want to compare and see if it is the same person you
dealt with.

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