Ebay Packing Jobs

From: Steve Thatcher <melamy_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Feb 12 09:22:39 2005

I think this thread should be called clever packaging styles. It really
isn't limited to eBay. I have done a lot of buying through eBay and have
even emailed sellers to advise them how to pack something that was on the
heavy side. I have received form fitted boxes for Kaypros and toolboxes.
Each suffered "corner" damage. I bought a 66 key keyboard and "advised" the
seller that it must be packed in bubble wrap, 2" at least spacing around
it, and also packed in such a way in the box that it will not move. I told
him that if it wasn't packed that way, the end keys would be broken. Sure
enough, it showed up looses in the box with a bunch of spare foam pieces,
not wrapped up and of course, the end keys were broken. His response was to
file a insurance claim and I did receive my money back and even kept the
keyboard such as it was.

Someone posted before on this about someone's treasure is anothers garbage.
They definitely packed it like garbage. Really frustrating when you really
want it intact because it can not be replaced.

Some sellers have absolutely no clue how to pack something properly. I have
to admit that I have not received anything packed in twigs and cigarette
butts, but then again I don't smoke...
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