Ebay Packing Jobs

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Sat Feb 12 16:59:36 2005

Steve Thatcher wrote:

> I think this thread should be called clever packaging styles. It
> really isn't limited to eBay.

> Some sellers have absolutely no clue how to pack something properly. I
> have to admit that I have not received anything packed in twigs and
> cigarette butts, but then again I don't smoke...

I've posted before about one of my clients receiving a Snowmachine
engine that had been packed in spray-foam insulation. Without having
been put in any kind of bag first.

Another odd thing they managed to do was to Fedex a package to the
Post Office (they wanted to get it there overnight). USPS was
somewhat pissed, to say the least, but the Fedex people thought it
was funny.
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