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From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sat Feb 12 17:54:21 2005

Bruce wrote:
> I can top this, Pete. Last year, I won the bid for a Dolch luggable, a
> PAC 62 to be exact. The thing was in excellent shape, and had originally
> The unit finally arrived in a loose-fitting cardboard box with NO packing
> material around it whatsoever. None. Not so much as a piece of newspaper.
> Amazingly enough, the only damage was that the cards had been jolted out
> of their slots, the internal frame was a tiny bit warped, and one support
> foot had been broken. All three issues were easily repaired, and, much to
> my astonishment, the unit fired right up and has been perfectly
> functional ever since, not so much as a bad sector on the hard drive. I

A friend had a much worse experience, without a happy ending. He bought
two Friden electromechnical adding machines, of one of the fancy models
that can multiply (and divide?). I think they may have been the "STW"

Anyhow, the seller put not one, but TWO of these heavy beasts into a box
with no packing material. In shipping, they obviously banged together a
lot. All that's left that might be of any use is perhaps some internal
parts that could be used to repair another one, maybe.

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