Ebay Packing Jobs

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Sat Feb 12 20:20:44 2005

I use a "favorite" local shipper. Their hours are not great, they
only do UPS and Fedex, but there's an employee there that grossly
over-packs -- precisely what I want sometimes.

For casual stuff I use packing material I've saved, bubble wrap
and all that, but for delicate stuff I *pay the shipper* for
packing, and charge the customer what I pay.

The reason is that I get to check the box "PACKED BY SHIPPER"
which makes them get to argue with the transporter about packing

I'm as big a cheapskate as anybody, but there's a time
to spend the bucks and get it done RIGHT.

I just shipped a delicate device, a sodium-iodide/thallium
doped scintillator/PMT (radiation detector), it's about 4"
diameter. One drop onto a hard table and it's dead.

It was wrapped in bubble wrap until > 12" diameter, all
around. That was boxed. That box was boxed in one about 20"
square packed with peanuts (provides crush space). THe buyer
wrote back exclaiming the packing job.

I put on my auction page 'buyer to pay honest, actual shipping and
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