CRT mold

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Sat Feb 12 20:30:19 2005

> Hmm, interesting. I wonder if there are any chemicals that'd either kill
> off the mould (if the CRT was left to soak in a bucket of them) or
> destroy the glue in order to remove the outer layer (so it could be re-
> glued) - all without totally destroying the tube completely.

Well if it's as Eric F says -- and I think de-lamination is far, far
more likely to be true in most cases -- a careful application of a
tiny amount of solvent might fix it.

The tiniest bit of say lacquer thinner on a piece of wire might
wick into the gap, dissolve some neighboring glue, and mix/wick it back
towards the exit as it dries.

If it's de-lam, the "mold" spot just might move if you
press on it hard enough.
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