Heathkit Haul

From: Erik S. Klein <classiccmp_at_vintage-computer.com>
Date: Sun Feb 13 00:12:07 2005

I just got through a couple of boxes I've been sitting on since mid-week.
Included were a pile of Heathkit items including a 3100, 3200 and 3400 (with
the Memory/IO accessory.) Also included were a Heath FET/Transistor tester
and a Heath multimeter. Almost everything came with manuals.

The most interesting Heath items, though, were a set of Heath binders
including the "Heathkit Continuing Education" series with courses on Digital
Technologies, Microprocessor Interfacing, Semiconductor Devices and
Electronic Circuits. There were also four volumes of the "Electronics
Technology Series" which were Phase Locked Loops, Optoelectronics, Op Amps
and Active Filters.

Most of these had either final exams or, even more cool, 33 1/3 records for
the various lessons.

I've never seen these before but I'm betting that's just me. Everyone on
the list probably has a set, right?

A few months ago I posted that there was a "Trendata" terminal available in
Canada. Nobody took it so it ended up getting scrapped. I had the cards
pulled and sent to me (along with the Heathkit gear) before it went to the
dump. As it turns out, it was an 8008 based system. The four cards were a
processor/PROM card with 1702s, 2102s and the 8008, a Serial card, a printer
controller and a keyboard controller. Most of this stuff was discrete
components and, from the date codes, it was a late 1970s machine.

The cards appear to have S-100 edge connectors but they are at least twice
as tall as standard S-100 cards.

Now that I know it was an 8008 device I'm that much more bummed that it was
scrapped, but I couldn't ship a desk-sized machine from Canada and stay
married. . .

I still don't know squat about Trendata so if anyone with info can share I'd
appreciate it.

   Erik Klein
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