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From: Brian Mahoney <mapleleafman_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Feb 17 10:17:10 2005

> A few months ago I posted that there was a "Trendata" terminal available in
> Canada. Nobody took it so it ended up getting scrapped.
> Erik Klein
> www.vintage-computer.com
> www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum
> The Vintage Computer Forum
Just FYI, if you had emailed me at the computer collector's list I
would have sent out an email to the whole group in an effort to rescue
the Trendata. There are a number of Canadian collectors who are mobile
and willing to take part in a rescue as well as many US collectors
willing to do the same in the 48.
You're on the list, Erik, too! :)

The list is here:

Some of us will rescue and keep while others (myself included) will
rescue and store for a bit until someone else picks the item(s) up .
I've only resubscribed to this list (cctalk) recently and I'm already
600 emails behind but I always respond to emails to the collector's
list home email which is antiquecomputers_at_hotmail.com

If anyone reads this and wants to be on the list, email me at the
hotmail addy above and I will add you asap.

Brian Mahoney

(Sorry this is a few days late)
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