Best, worst auction deals. (was Re: eBay vrs42?)

From: Paxton Hoag <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 00:56:38 2005

Probably one of the best auctions I ever went to was the Ross Dove
auction at Tektronix, Beaverton OR in the early 90s, maybe 1994.

We really scored negotiating deals that had not sold during the
auction. this in the day or two after the sale.

We hauled truckloads of Tek calculators, 80XX development systems,
4051s and 4052s, a pallet load of calibration equipment for the 500 to
7000 series. Pallets of old scopes including a 511. I sold several to
Stan Griffiths (who wrote the book on 500 series scopes) to help him
fill out his collection.

I bought one lot of 15 scope carts (from 500s to 212s) and the drawers
came filled with probes.

Tektronix was really unhappy with Ross Dove and got considerably less
than what they had been told and expected.

However they cleaned out a lot of old stuff. Great auction!
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