eBay vrs42?

From: Paxton Hoag <innfoclassics_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Feb 13 01:54:01 2005

I have learned to use a high starting price and reserves in selling to
this group because of the respect for each others bids.

It costs me more in listing fees, particularly when it doesn't sell
and I have to list it again. Most of the time they sell in two
listings if it is of interest at all.

I would prefer to start things at 9.95 as it only costs me 30 to 60
cents and then let the auction fall where it might. But I have learned
that you can't do that with this group. You just don't bid against
each other.

I don't complain because I like to legally collude at oral auctions
and I understand it is human nature.
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