eBay vrs42?

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Sun Feb 13 14:55:59 2005

> I would prefer to start things at 9.95 as it only costs me 30 to 60
> cents and then let the auction fall where it might. But I have learned
> that you can't do that with this group. You just don't bid against
> each other.

I understand this, and do the same. The real issue is simply that
the pool of bidders is so damn small. If we were selling Britney
Spears or George Bush blow-up dolls, and had hundreds or thousands
of bidders, a few colluding, etc wouldn't even be detectable.

Auctioning is somewhat of a statistical system, you can't really
extrapolate broad behavior from individual sales, especially when
the pool of potential buyers is so small.

I rarely bid on items that others are bidding on, for most/many of
my ePay purchases, I make huge efforts to get low-ball bids. I
assume everyone does the same thing, and realize this as a seller.
There is no right to profit.

There are occasional "must have" items, rarely, and then I simply
factor in shipping cost, need, desire, likelihood of finding one
"later" or locally, etc and go for it as necessary.

And I especially don't bid against friends and list members.
Rarely and if I know them, I'll ask how important an item is to
them, if I feel I have a real need. If they're merely
pack-ratting, I'll bid.

I am utterly non-competitive, personally ingrained and
politically. Rules, law, or not, I find competing with friends
tacky, often rude and occasionally insulting. YMMV.
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