CRT mold [was: HP2648 heartbreak]

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 09:38:50 2005

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, Eric F. wrote:

> Well, in another thread Sellam refuted (indirectly) my claim that the CRT
> mold syndrome wasn't mold.
> He's probably correct, he's got tons more experience in the ClassicCmp
> arena than do I. :-)
> Having said that, my previous post is probably just babble. Treat is as
> such. :-(

You must be thinking of another message written by someone else. I didn't
refute it. In fact, I read your message with interest. The mold theory
is pretty well accepted around here, but I've never read any solid
technical treatise on how and why it happens. I still believe it is mold,
but I'd like to try what you did with your CRT to see if I can get the
"mold spots" to sprout up like you say happened to you.

Can you elucidate a bit on how the mold spots developed when you pried up
the safety glass with the screw driver? Are you sure the spots weren't
already there?

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