Packing FAQ [was: HP2648 heartbreak]

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 09:42:59 2005

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, Eric F. wrote:

> Thanks for posting the FAQs, Sellam...
> What's your experience with sellers after you send them one of these FAQs?

I usually send them to people in non-eBay sales. I never buy anything
worthy of the packing FAQ from eBay. I just trust the sellers to do a
decent job on the stuff I do get from there. There's the occasional idiot
that thinks newspaper is packing material or that puts tape on the
original box even though I told them not to, or wraps the original box in
brown paper and ships that rather than put it inside a shipping box, but
oh well.

> Many times after I've purchased an item, I'll try to give some
> suggestions regarding shipment methods, only for them to tell me that
> they have it all packed up already. So often I'm stuck with whatever
> their "method" is.
> And cripes, even when the seller insists that they will "ship safely" (as
> in the case of Jay's auction, where the seller even amended in their
> description "but i will ship it out quickly and pack it well [sic]"), they
> still fall far short.

You have to send them your shipping instructions as soon as the auction

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