CRT mold

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Date: Sun Feb 13 10:56:53 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, Gordon JC Pearce wrote:

> I supppose the answer would be to get a "bad" tube (excessive screen
> burn, low emission, gone soft, physically damaged) and smash it open to
> measure the thickness of the faceplate. It's easy to break up CRTs
> safely - just knock the evacuation tube off the end of the neck, air
> will rush in, and no, the tube won't implode.

Another nifty (and safer) trick for re-atmospherizing (hopefully there's a
more appropriate word for this that is just eluding me at the moment) the
CRT that I just learned is to poke a thin Philips head screwdriver into
the hold where the cathode guys and tap it until it breaks through the
seal there.

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