CRT mold [was: HP2648 heartbreak]

From: Eric F. <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 14:46:38 2005

Sellam wrote:

> Can you elucidate a bit on how the mold spots developed
> when you pried up the safety glass with the screw driver?

Essentially, as the tip of the flat blade screwdriver wedged its way in,
this separated the adhesive from the two surfaces. Consequently, this
_immediately_ caused the "blooming" shape patterns typical of mold growth.
(Of course, there was a straight line trail following the path of the
screwdriver shaft, but the surrounding areas just "flowered" up into mold
shaped circles.)

> Are you sure the spots weren't already there?

Yep. The CRT had these mold symptoms around most of the edges, but there
were areas where it was unaffected.

Maybe it is just a coincidence that the prying loose of the adhesive
results in a pattern similar in nature to what mold looks like when it
develops. Odd.
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