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From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 15:11:06 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:

> Well, that was mediocre. They didn't put me on the air until about 28 minutes
> into the 30 minute show. They only used about 1/4 of what I said -- they cut
> out the explanation of used vs. collectible, and they cut out the examples of
> actual prices -- the latter which they emphasized to me was what they wanted me
> to talk about. Oh well. The good news: they kept my references to hobby web
> sites (I cited,, and
>, and they showed a screen of my newsletter (they didn't give
> the URL, damn it!). Hopefully they'll update the show's web site tomorrow;
> meanwhile a friend Tivo'd it and will get us a video clip.

Actually, sounds pretty good for TV!

A few months ago I was on History Channel's (lame) "FULL THROTTLE"
show, a semi-reality-based car construction groaner. I was the
AMC/Rambler expert.

THe production of these things is amazingly spare and cynical.
It's nearly completely made in the editing suite. They videoed all
of the "expert" interviewees -- for the entire season's worth of
shows -- in one week, in a rented studio (an old converted
motel),done by a subcontractor. The guy before me was a big sweaty
nervous guy, one of those small-world car-nuts ('well um of course
everyone knows chevrolet is the um best vee eight...' sort), I had
to help push his wont-start car off the set after his interview

They cut in microscopic snippets of the testimonials in with stock
and found footage of related-seeming junk (tv ads, interviews,
movies, trailers, stills, blah blah) into this tepid narrative of
two twin brothers who each own garages (the weak gimmick) to 'hot
rod' some pair of cars which 'complete'. Two teams and all that
rot. Dullsville copycat.

My 45 minutes of vid became 20? 15? seconds. The usual 'we own
you' disclaimer. I've done similar and know how to spout (eg. they
ask "why is the Gremlin so weird" you say "the Gremlin was
designed for..."), pacing, all that.

It's all just product. Low grade.
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