HP 2648

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Sun Feb 13 20:04:43 2005

Your first description doesn't seem to match the pictures.
Given that I haven't seen terminals like these for sale in
~15 years, I'd try to fix it up if it were me. And get a refund
for the inconvenience. Key is not seeing broken *circuitry*.
The non-resin/plastic parts of what I saw (looked at about
75% of the pics) seemed OK. There's a peek at a video
PCB, but looks like it may be unbroken. Where's the powdered

> The seller has refunded my purchase price plus shipping costs in full.

> "received in damaged condition" sticker
Possibly made by a transferring agent N, after USPO #N-1 damaged it.

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