PS/2 Users, take note...

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 22:11:39 2005

        Users of IBM's PS/2, Aptiva, and other IBM'ish early-to-mid 90's systems may have noticed that IBM has, for reasons unknown, discontinued the excellent support file archive they once had. Said archive was known to many as the 'PCCBBS' system. It started out to be exactly that: A dialup BBS, which later became an FTP site.

        Fortunately, a few people preserved the contents of this archive against such an occurrence. I'm happy to say that Blue Feather Tech's FTP site is now a part of that group, thanks to one of its other members (Aron Eisenpress) being kind enough to send me a copy of the archive on multiple CD-R's. I finished loading those to my FTP server this afternoon.

        So, for those that still own and use PS/2's, you can download reference disks, support files, and documentation from one of at least three sites as follows: (Run by Dan Hamilton, supports http or ftp protocols for connection). (Run by Pete Backhouse, numerous links to his FTP archive and other locations)., on the path /pub/computing/pccbb (Run by Yours Truly. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I'm limited by a DSL line, the best I can allow is five anonymous users at one time, and the download speed is capped at 128K).

        Hope that helps.

        Keep the peace(es).

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