11/45 progress

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Feb 13 22:13:59 2005

> I hope you unscrewed the stand-off from, the CPU chassis first...
*grin* most definitely

> Simple. An M930 (or I guess one of the boot/terminator cards) in the A/B
> slots of the front slot (1) of the CPU backplane. A similar terminator
> card in the A/B slot of the Unibus Out of the last Unibus backplane (if
> just the CPU, put it in slot 28).
I have a terminator in the front slot top, but the other end confuses me a
bit. My cpu backplane had a ribbon jumper from it's last slot to the MF11L,
which then in it's last slot a ribbon cable went to an external rackmount
custom built thing. I assume there would be a terminator on that thing.
There is, it's a dec card, but no handles. Tiny little thing about 3 inches
by 5 inches, but it's obviously a terminator. I didn't know if this
terminator at the end should go in the A/B slot of the MF11L (removing the
ribbon cable to the external DA custom built thing and putting this in it's
place), I assume that would be correct.

> A couple more things. Unless you are soing something seriously odd, put
> an M9200 jumper (like an M920, but only 1/2" spacing) in A/B of slots 26
> and 27 of the CPU backplane to strap the 2 buses together.
I have that in place already.

> The grant chain (or at least one of the Bus Grant lines) goes via slot C
> of slot 1 of the CPU backplane, which is wired for a KW11-L line time
> clock card. If you don't have this card installed, the grant chain is
> completed by a wire-wrapped jumper on the backplane (which you cut/remove
> if you fit the KW11-L). You probably have this card, but if you remove it
> for testing and then have interrupt problems, you'll know why.
I do have the KW11L. Some of my reading indicated it had something to do
with the M7800? Not sure.

My biggest problem is being unfamiliar with DEC documentation. I'm so used
to the way HP docs are organized and laid out. I'm in learning mode where
I'm trying to figure out just what manuals to go to, to figure out certain
things. I'll get there, and THANKS for the advice!

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