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Heh, let's not start that "media sucks" thing again... LOL if you recall I **
am ** a reporter.

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> >Well, that was mediocre. They didn't put me on the air until about 28
> minutes
> >into the 30 minute show. They only used about 1/4 of what I said -- they
> cut
> >out the explanation of used vs. collectible, and they cut out the examples
> of
> >actual prices -- the latter which they emphasized to me was what they wanted
> me
> >to talk about. Oh well.
> ---snip---
> Hi
> It is quite common for a reporter to act like they are really
> interested in one specific thing while on the side getting
> a few comments about some side subject that they are really
> interested in getting something on. They will often print this
> side conversation as their main story and use your quotes completely
> out of context. They are rarely actually interested in what they
> tell you they want you to talk about. They actually want to
> get you to be more candid on the side subject that they are
> intending to write about.
> You are quite lucky that you didn't say something that could
> have been more easily twisted.
> Dwight

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