Using 3.5" HD drives on CP/M systems

From: Herb Johnson - null account <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 17:17:09 2005

I'm compling and editing the discussion on this thread, as it's of
interest to me, and I'll post it on my Web site. 8-inch drives are
something I use, provide docs for, and sell occasionally. I've done this
kind of editing and posting before on my site, most recently on floppy
controller programming. This scheme provides a more convenient and
stable reference for technical discussion than trying to review
newsgroup or disucssion group posts, plus it is a venue to add
information and references. My edits are modest, I've had no complaints.

As a courtesy I've contacted most of the participants in the thread,
gave them the current document's Web links, and asked for their
permission after they review what I've compliled to date. When they've
all responded, I'll announce the document's Web link. (Note: there are
two discussions, in cctalk/ccteck and in comp.os.cpm, so there are two
documents. I may merge the documents, this week it was enough just to
create them!)

This resource does not replace discussion, it's more of an archive and
reference. Also, I've encouraged Randy McLaughlin to put on HIS Web site
whatever he finds reasonable as he develops some kind of standards for
use of 3.5" drives on older systems: that's his baby, so to speak, if he
chooses to do that as he proposed.

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