eBay vrs42?

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Date: Sun Feb 13 18:00:44 2005

>From my Webster's:

col-lu-sion n. a dishonest, secret agreement; a fraudulent, secret
agreement between litigating parties.

co-op-er-a-tion n. cooperating, working together to a common end.

Dishonest? Fraudulent? Shilling, yes, but what we're talking about here?

On the M100 forum there exists a list of eBay names (how come you haven't
brought that up, Merch?) so that, if they choose, members can refrain
from bidding against fellow members (and, presumably, correspond
with each other). Different list, different interpretation of
fellowship and cooperation; haven't read any of these arguments there.

I suppose the way things are going it's just a matter of time before
we allow _that_ to become illegal and the eBay police to seize our

BTW, it might even work the other way; I might want to know if the
_seller_ is a member of my group so that I'd bid a higher, more
fair price than I might otherwise.

I always thought that the idea of an auction was for a)the seller to try
to get as much as possible _and_ b)the buyer to pay as little as possible,
not just a)...

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